It is not a goal, it is the path which leads us to continual improvement
in efficiency and sustainability.

Committed to research,
development and innovation

To always ensure the best response, we anticipate the needs of our customers with the most innovative solutions, which place us at the fore of the sector. This is the mission of our R&D+i department.

R&D+i as part of our working system

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    The Stage-Gate methodology

    We work following the Stage-Gate methodology, where projects are monitored and controlled, ensuring that at each stage the professional and financial resources are increased as the associated risks are reduced.

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    R&D+i management system

    We rely on a research, development and innovation system under the UNE 166002:2006 standard.

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    Cutting EPC costs

    We are constantly researching to offer the best EPC cost, applying the most innovative solutions in the construction of our large scale renewable energy plants and achieving the lowest LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) for each project.

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    Optimised solutions

    We test the best technology to create optimum, reliable product solutions that match our engineering and energy production standards, within the framework of the needs of the project and in any country in the world.

From innovation to sustainability

Sustainable development is based on optimising the available resources, on achieving the greatest efficiency in all the processes. And to achieve this efficiency, it is necessary to research and develop new solutions that make it possible to reduce costs and waste and obtain the maximum value. For us, this is the sense of innovation.