Renewable energies are
our commitment to the planet

Renewable energies, our speciality and
our contribution to a more sustainable world


PRODIEL is a leading company in the development and construction of large photovoltaic and wind power installations.

With experience of over 2,500 MW in recent years, and with the execution of some of the largest plants in the world, PRODIEL has become a worldwide benchmark in the field of renewable energies.

PRODIEL, with its own construction style, based on speed, flexibility and a profound knowledge of the sector, is present throughout the value chain, in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive, international service, with the development, engineering, supply, construction, operation and maintenance of their large-scale renewable projects, adapting to their needs at all times.



  • EPC Evacuation and Generation Contracts

  • Open Book

  • Bos and Bop



  • Access roads and platforms
  • Foundations
  • Substations
  • Construction of lines.


  • Preventive and corrective O&M contracts
  • Asset management

Our knowledge of technology and our international presence makes PRODIEL the ideal partner for technologists, infrastructure funds and utilities.

Experts in Environment and Energy Efficiency

PRODIEL is a company which is strongly committed to environmental responsibility and carries on its business activities in support of responsible and self-sustainable world development.
This is why, together with its internationalisation plan, since 2012 PRODIEL has been developing and building projects in two fields:



  • “Turn-key” solutions at drinking water treatment plants (DWTP)
  • Waste water treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Efficient treated water pumping stations with hybrid consumption

Some Projects

Maintenance operations
at electrical installations

PRODIEL has more than 20 years’ experience in maintaining all type of electrical installations for distribution, transmission and generation.
Since 2007, PRODIEL has had a specific renewable installations maintenance department with more than 20 qualified engineers
for planning and executing tailor-made maintenance plans.



  • As not all installations are the same, it is strictly necessary to draw up a specific Preventive Maintenance Plan for each type of installation.
  • It must take into account the equipment it comprises and the technology used to optimise the tasks to be executed.
  • All the activities that make up the Maintenance Plan are organised on a time-scale to obtain the best performance from the installation and prevent tasks from being repeated. As part of maintenance, a differentiation must be made between corrective maintenance and predictive maintenance.


  • PRODIEL has great experience in assessment, innovation and turn-key solutions in the field of energy savings and efficiency, carrying out large projects that signify energy savings at all levels.
  • PRODIEL is currently accredited as an energy services company (E.S.E.) by the Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Savings (IDAE) for public lighting, co-generation, buildings for residential use, buildings for non-residential use and industry facilities.