Prodiel reached fifth position in the 2017 international photovoltaic (PV) solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) league table drawn up by the prestigious global information company IHS Markit. This means that the Seville-based company is among the top 10 PV plant constructors, making it the first European firm to obtain one of the top positions in the table.

Prodiel’s exponential growth reached this point following its internationalisation process, which began in 2013 and led to its business volume multiplying twentyfold. It is currently at the forefront in PV construction projects in Latin America and is one of the key players worldwide, with almost 4 gigawatts in capacity built for the world’s leading operators and employing 4,000 people.

The study which produced this ranking also determined that the 30 largest EPC providers have installed 20 GW of non-residential PV so far this year, which represents a quarter of the total market.

The dominant position of the Chinese EPC contractors in this table is also noteworthy as they monopolise the top positions, with five companies from China among the Top 10, namely Sungrow, Power China, Beijing Enterprises Clean EnergyGroup, EDRI 11th Institute and Xinyi Solar.

Furthermore, after combining internal development and third-party EPC services, TBEA Sunoasis remained for one more year the world’s largest EPC provider, with a market share of 2% in terms of installed photovoltaic capacity.