Terms and conditions of use of the Ethics Channel

How to send a message through the Ethics Channel?

Our Ethics Channel makes it possible to receive reports by the following means:

The report must contain as many factual elements as possible on which reasonable grounds for suspecting a breach are based. Specifically, it must include:

  • A detailed description of the facts which allegedly comprise the irregularity;
  • The identity of the individuals and/or entities allegedly involved in the potentially illicit conduct;
  • Any type of additional evidence (documents, photographs, etc.) that may be of use in a potential investigation.

Who receives the information?

Any messages sent through the Ethics Channel are, solely and exclusively, received by the Company’s Ethical Management Committee.

All the members of the Ethical Management Committee have signed specific confidentiality clauses with the purpose of offering absolute guarantees in this respect.

Protection of reporting parties

1. Protection of identity:

The information sent through the Ethics Channel will be solely and exclusively handled by Prodiel’s Ethical Management Committee. We guarantee that your identity and that of the possible offender will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

You can also send your report anonymously. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not include any contact information (name, email address, telephone number).

Prodiel will comply in any case with the rules and regulations in force on personal data protection.

2. Absence of retaliation:

Reporting a possible breach will by no means constitute an infringement in the sphere of employment and therefore cannot not result in any form of retaliatory action provided that the report was made in good faith.

However, any reports made maliciously will be deemed serious infractions in accordance with the Company’s disciplinary system.



We remind you that it is important to describe the facts which concern you or your suggestion in as much detail as possible.
You can attach information or documents to your message by using the “Select file” button.
The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.

- Breach of laws, regulations, standards and/or procedures: Breach of any regulations that are binding on the company, whether the regulations are external or internal.
-Misappropriation of assets, theft or fraud: Any illegal act against our main stakeholders: employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, by any means, as well as any attempt to conceal it, including fraudulent appropriation of assets belonging to the company for personal use or with the intention of profiting from them.
- Accounting aspects: Changes made to any data, information or report in order to conceal errors or commit fraud, improve financial/operating/statistical results or obtain an unfair advantage, including recording commercial and financial transactions in a way that is contrary to generally accepted accounting practice.
- Actions relating to suppliers: Failure to comply with the market procedures related to supplier selection.
- Other: All detected situations which are not encompassed within any of the sections above and breach the provisions of Prodiel's Code of Ethics.


Maximum size 10MB

Information about the reporting party

Prodiel's Ethics Channel allows anonymous reports to be received. However, we encourage you to include your contact details in order to facilitate the task of the Ethical Management Committee.

Prodiel is the data controller responsible for processing the data you provide. The data will be processed with the purpose of establishing, maintaining and managing the commercial and contractual relationship between you and Prodiel. Your personal data will be transferred to companies of the Prodiel Group, including outside the European Economic Area, in order to deal with your request. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, objection and portability, among others, in accordance with the applicable legislation.
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