Through a Corporate Social Responsibility action, the Prodiel-Simm Consortium will participate in constructing the water supply system in the town of Bom Jesus da Lapa in the state of Bahía, Brazil.

The project, which includes 9,565 metres of pipeline with a flow of 18 cubic metres of water per hour, will benefit more than 30 families and is to be coordinated through a partnership between the local government, Saae (the Autonomous Water and Sewerage Service), Cerb (Bahía Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Company), Simm and Prodiel.

The work order was signed on 15 June by Carlos Costa, the deputy mayor of Bom Jesus da Lapa. In his address, he highlighted the importance to the community of the water supply system: “This is essential work, because water is life. This pipeline will provide water for human consumption, for livestock and for agriculture, not to mention the boost for industrial activities, generating jobs and income for our town.”