Responsible conduct strengthens our business

  • Prodiel’s Code of Ethics reflects our commitment to integrity

    At Prodiel we are committed to the highest standards with regard to ethics, integrity and honesty. We all work to promote ethical business practices and comply with all the applicable laws and regulations, and to behave fairly with regard to our contributors, customers and partners.


    Furthermore, Prodiel has implemented a Supplier Code of Ethics setting those general and specific principles we expect our suppliers and subcontractors to observe.

  • The Ethics Channel enables anyone, internal or external, to report irregular or inappropriate conduct.

    We encourage employees, customers or anyone who has contact with our services to communicate with us. All messages are duly assessed and help us to improve.

    Specifically, and for the employees of PRODIEL, in accordance with the Code of Ethics, please remember that it is obligatory to report this type of irregularity as soon as you become aware of it.